Morooka Canada carries a diverse fleet of equipment that is tactile, reliable, and safe for operators. Morooka’s rubber track carriers offer optimal traction and load capacity, giving you the ability to navigate your next job with speed and confidence. With a proven name and reputation for excellence, the Morooka line offers customers benefits that include:

Built to Last

The rubber tracks on each unit are designed to give operators the perks of low-ground pressure and reliable traction. Each track features Continuous Wrap Technology that eliminates weak points and guarantees smoother, faster movement. Rubber tracks are also capable of navigating delicate environmental terrain with minimal damage.

Whether your terrain is wet, frozen, steep, or uneven, Morooka’s unique “floating bogey” undercarriage design means your machine is always in contact with the ground, absorbing jolts and jars safely and delivering a smooth ride. This in turn prolongs the lifespan of the equipment by reducing the strain on your machinery.

Simplified Maintenance

Morooka’s equipment is designed to grant easy access to core areas to simplify the maintenance process. Multiple access points are available for both the diesel engine and hydraulic components, and the simplified design of the product makes repairs headache free.

Safety and Comfort Driven

All North American models are designed to provide safety and comfort for machine operators. Each piece of equipment is outfitted with a ROPS certified canopy or cab, as well as easy to operate controls. Larger models come with climate-controlled cabs, and all units feature seats that are carefully designed to ensure driver comfort and combat operator fatigue.

North American models also feature backup cameras, and heated remote mirrors that allow for safe navigation, even in difficult climates.

About NCA

National Compressed Air Inc. (NCA), through our product focused division of NCA Tracked Carriers, is your leading source for Morooka’s fleet of equipment. As a fully authorized partner with over 30 years of experience, we’re here to match you with the best solutions for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more!